Boarding at Ithaca Equestrian Center

If you would like us to notify you when we have an opening, please let us know.
See our contact page for information on how to reach us.

Stable feeding chart

General Boarding Information

Your horse’s well being is our primary focus. We will work with you to design a care option specific to your horse. This will include a customized feeding and turn out program.

As one of our boarders you will have access to all Ithaca Equestrian Center amenities. We are here to support your enjoyment of your horse. If there is something we can provide to add to your experience with your horse – ask us.

Features included in all boarding programs:

  • Experienced caretakers who live on-premise
  • Weekly updates when you are away (if desired)
  • Owner supplied supplements fed at no additional charge
  • Access to free choice salt licks

Large pastures with shade

Pasture Boarding Information

Our pasture board is designed to emulate a horse’s natural living conditions. In addition to abundant room to roam, our 9.5-acre pasture provides plenty of grass (supplemented by hay as needed), mature shade trees and a 12 x 24 foot run in shed. An automatic waterer keeps water warm in the winter and available 24 x 7. Boarder provided feed and supplements are fed twice per day.

The pasture location allows for close monitoring of herd dynamics. Horses are supervised during feeding. And to discourage equine escape artists the field is surrounded by sturdy five-foot-high fencing that is highly visible!

Our pasture boarding is full

Small barn at Ithaca Equestrian Center

Full Service Board

The first section of our large barn is nearly completed! The shell is completed. The well has been dug. The lines for power and Internet have been pulled. The final steps (connection of the water and electrical feeds) should be started shortly after Christmas. In the meantime, we are busy building out stalls. Features include:

  • 12 x 12 foot stalls with plenty of ventilation
  • Interlocking stall mats to provide cushioning and reduce lifting
  • Heated water in each stall
  • Twelve foot wide aisle way
  • Nine foot ceilings
  • Four foot wide sliding stall doors with top and bottom grill work to facilitate additional air flow

Construction on additional stabling and indoor arena is planned for next year!